8 08 2017

There can be a real meeting 
between two people 
at the point where they 
always felt marooned. 
Right at the edge.” 
– Sam Shepard

Love and life are so difficult to define.  
Both are never singular.  There must be two.

Love is utterly singular to each person in each relationship at each
moment in time.
 We each love different loves, 
constantly navigating and
negotiating the infinite continuum of meaning 
with which we view each lover through eyes that may not even see us as we are. 
Sam Shepard‘s letters to his life-long friend, Johnny Dark
 explored love as a union of two sovereign alonenesses 
and a mutual awakening to dormant parts of each self.
 Both men belonged to “The Work”
a movement of gatherings based on the
spiritual teachings of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, 
whose philosophy was
rooted in the idea that 
although our default state is a sort of waking
sleep, we are capable of waking up. 
In 1982, Shepard met the actress Jessica Lange on the set of the film Frances, in which he had a
supporting role. 
Lange earned an Academy Award nomination and won
Shepard’s heart. 
The two entered into an immediate and intense romance 
that effected, as Shepard wrote to Dark, mutual awakening.
What do you think?

Do we mostly live in a waking sleep
 from which only love can awaken us?
Can our dreams awaken us even more?



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