18 07 2017

When Lucille Ball became pregnant,
 the network wouldn’t even let the show 
use the word “pregnant.”

How times have changed, right?

When baggy clothes would no longer cover Gillian Anderson’s pregnancy, the X-Files went full Sci-Fi …

and had poor Scully the victim of an alien abduction in the episode, Ascension/

this scene was so particularly graphic the network originally did not want to air it.


When Lucy Lawless became pregnant, the show’s writers went full-on mythic.

In a twisty episode that found Xena’s soul both in Hell and then Heaven, 

Xena meets her arch-enemy Callisto in both places.

Callisto touches Xena in a gesture of forgiveness.

Upon her return to earth, Xena finds she is pregnant with no idea how.

The mystery is solved when Callisto’s spirit

reveals in another episode she “gave” Xena the child to make amends for all the evil she did her. 

In the too short series, Life

Sarah played the feisty partner to the hero of the show. 
To cover her pregnancy, 
the show had poor Sarah kidnapped and held captive for most of the 2nd season.  
In the excellent series, PERSON OF INTERST,
Sarah played yet another feisty and unwilling love interest of a killer trying to turn over a new leaf,

No pun intended.  

To cover Sarah’s pregnancy that would not have fitted at all in the story-line …
Aw, you guessed … 
Sarah was apparently killed, then found to have been kidnapped

and held captive for most of the remaining episodes of this fine series.  
Notice Sarah’s baggy clothes in the following video
whose music was composed by the same artist who composes for GAME OF THRONES:


Although Melanie Scarfano was pregnant the entire 2nd season, she
still did a lot of her own stunts.  

And took ballet lessons to keep up her strength and balance.

My Stetson’s off to this trooper.

Writing for the second season began in the spring of

and Scrofano told executive producer and showrunner, Emily Andras, 

of her happy news in September of that year,
when she was not that far along. 

 “I basically blacked out for a month, so I’m hazy on the details,” Andras joked. 

Emily seriously added,

 “I went into Syfy and basically said, 

‘I need to do a
‘Fargo.’ I really want to have a pregnant superhero. 

I want to do a
Marge Gunderson. 

I think it speaks to everything that makes our show

And they fell in love with it.

It is a fine show that entertains with laughter and heart … 

not too many of those shows around any more.

Apparently, if you record this show on your DVR, Syfy is notified …

So even if you do not plan to watch it, please record it and play it in the background to up the ratings.

Support a new mother and her fans who love her.



18 07 2017


“Principles are good and worth the effort
 only when they develop into deeds.”
  “The great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, 
but is a succession of little things
 that are brought together.”  
 -Van Gogh 
Teachers have long thought 
that there is in this present culture an ethical weaknesses and intellectual poverty 
that keep even the most gifted young people from ascending to greatness.
But I remind myself of the words of Virginia Wolfe in Orlando:
“It is probable that the human spirit has its place in the time assigned to it.” 
 Contemplators love the study of nature but only for its aesthetic
qualities :
the sublime spectacles, the beautiful forms, the splendid
colors, and the graceful structures.
 To linger over-long in the realm of faerie 
is to miss out as the world — and your opportunities — move on without you.
2.) When LABEL becomes the GOAL not the CONSEQUENCE of ACTION
One did not become a knight merely by parading about in a suit of armor.
No, knighthood was found in deeds —
as the term author is reserved for those who complete the books in their heads.
“He who knows and acts is the one who counts, 
not he who knows and falls
We render a tribute of respect to those who add original work to
a library, 
and withhold it from those who carry a library around in
their head.”
– Santiago Ramón y Cajal
3.) Eat a STEAK by swallowing 
We all have heard the term “Baby Steps.”
Why did so many great writers start out by writing short stories?
They grew by doing, of course.
But also each successful sale reinforced their desire 
to write more stories that blossomed into writing novels.
This principle pertains to most things in life:
Tackle small problems first, so that if success smiles and strength increases,
 one may then undertake the great feats 
4.) The MAP is NOT the JOURNEY
The journey does not take itself.
Don’t plan — WRITE
Plotting your novel in detail may feel like writing, but it is not.
Writing one sentence, one chapter after another — THAT is writing.
Plan too much and you increase the odds of your novel being dead on arrival.
Even if it is finished, 
the spark and spontaneity will have vanished like that iridescent rainbow that shimmered so beautifully in the storm clouds.
Writing is not building a house.  It is an art.
Do you think Van Gogh or Picasso outlined their paintings?
The best stories we read, the ones we aspire to write, 
are the ones that
leave us in a more mysterious world than we knew at the start, 
stories that illuminate questions rather than answers.
5.) Our MUSCLES grow 
The same is true of any skill:
“The water does not flow
 until the faucet is turned on.”  
– Louis L’Amour
The best writing happens when the writer is discovering what happens as he or she is creating.
I am not the Yardstick of the Universe so these are merely my suggestions for you to reflect upon.
I hope I have at least amused you.