30 03 2010

The odds are against us. Worse. Look at the headlines of suicide bombers. We are against us.

There is no director to yell “Cut!” No stunt double to take our place. And no new movie to star in when death swallows our person.

We must be our own hero. Wear our own spandex. And, if Kate Beckinsale of UNDERWORLD is to be believed, spandex pinches. And so it should. Pinches remind us that pain befalls us all, to be kinder who someone whose pinched face shows us that the spandex of his/her life is less than comfortable.

The picture of this post comes from Cassandra. She is a hero, a woman who could have surrendered to bitterness and defeat. But instead she has chosen to choose life, healing others, and going forward. Though she would deny the heroism of her new life, I consider her a hero. Her trauma is hers to tell. I am just tipping my hat to her heroism.

And in a fashion, all we authors struggling to be published have to be our own heroes. The odds are against us in this harsh market. It seems that the motto of agents we approach is : “If I don’t want your autograph, I don’t want your manuscript.”

But giving up can become an addiction, a way of life. Never surrender. Never yield to despair. Stumble, yes. Fall, of course. But gather your strength, your wits and get up. You can do it. Others have before you. Fling the blood and sweat from your eyes and smile wide. You can use those acid feelings searing your will and heart in your writing, becoming a deeper, more perceptive writer.

And more importantly : if you refuse to give in to bitter hopelessness, you will become a deeper, more compassionate human being. When you succeed, and you will succeed, you’ll be able to thrust out a helping hand and word to someone, down and hurting, who needs a boost back onto the path. You’ll be able to give them a pat on the back to lend strength to their steps. The pats lower leave to the agents and publishers.




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15 05 2010

Hi: this was the only contact i could find.


Thank you for entering my e-book contest on Blog Jog Day. I’m sorry to say that you didn’t win. The name drawn by my wife was of Laura Ann Dunks, her blog site is

I hope you found the day informative and pleasant and welcome you to come around more often. I will have more draws in future, perhaps you might be able to suggest a good day and topic for one.

Christopher Hoare

31 07 2010

“Its a million to one chance… it’s sure to happen!”
paraphrase of various lines in various Pratchett novels.
I didn’t give up, but I decided there had to be a better way, having got to the brink (had an agent, turned out to be a rogue, had my paws on a possible contract, committee decided not to go ahead) enough times to make me bitter. I stopped for a long while. But some things won’t die even if you bury them and a way was found and is being forged now. Sometimes the time isn’t right and I am glad now that I was thwarted so badly before, or I’d be another bird in the net, convinced my new cage was given me for the best reasons…
good luck!

3 03 2016
Ann Best

Impressed by your comment. It isn’t easy sometimes not to be bitter. But as you say, sometimes it turns out for the best. There are indeed reasons for adversity. We just need the experiences first, and then the wisdom to see the bigger picture. Don’t give up!!

3 03 2016

Someone else further down has quoted the galaxy quest “Never give up, never surrender!” but I second it!

9 06 2015

Let’s hope the struggle to success brings us good things like insight and compassion. The trip would be worth every bruise. 🙂

Anna from Elements of Writing

9 06 2015

Yes, it would, wouldn’t it?

8 10 2015

“Never give up! Never surrender!” Will send you your own soundtrack for the upcoming SWTWC homage release!!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

8 10 2015

Here is the link for my current blog: You are too kind about the SWTWC homage release!

16 11 2015
Denise Covey

I’m with you Roland. I love the badge. And I’m glad to see you’re now on WP and it looks nice and clean!

16 11 2015

No, I am not on WP. I was just trying it out, and I found it not to my liking. I am still on my old blog address.

3 03 2016
Ann Best

Hi, Roland. Well, my first thought was I can read this easier than your blogspot blog 🙂 But I understand where you’re coming from. But if you could, with your creative talents, spice this spot up but leave the black on white 🙂 :)….I’m tearing my hair out with wordpress also but I need it for what I’m trying to do with affiliate marketing. But I love you and will follow you wherever you are!!!

3 03 2016

WP makes it hard to have followers. It makes it hard for me to follow back and say thank you. I’ve invested six years on my blogspot blog. It seems punitive to myself to come here. I have given any thought about making any money at all from my blog or my writing. I am the Emily Dickinson of the internet, going my own way in obscurity. 🙂

I wish you all the luck in the world in monitizing your presence here. Don’t be a stranger at my dinosaur of a blog! 🙂

17 03 2016

I just have such a hard time giving up on anything. I keep thinking all will be good and whole if only I can hold on a bit longer, and a bit longer and. . . And I’m always plagued by the idea that if I do stop seeking what I want, it will be just ahead and I’ll miss it. So glad we connected at WriterlySam’s spot in the blogosphere. I’ve enjoyed our exchanges and hope to have more.

17 03 2016

This was just my trial WordPress experiment, Lee. My real blog is

4 04 2016
Julie Valerie @Julie_Valerie

Couldn’t agree more. Never give up! Great advice.

Julie Valerie #1613 (this week) on the ever-changing A to Z Challenge list

19 04 2016

Thank you for the encouraging words. It is easy to give up after a lot of trial and error, or energy and time spent on “no return”. Writers are a hardy lot. I am not used to giving up when trying to achieve anything in life, so I’ll hang in there with my writing as well. For now… 🙂

Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

4 08 2016

Hi Roland, thanks for the words of hope and motivation. Glad to find another thoughtful Roland.

18 07 2017
Tyrean (@TyreanMartinson)

Great words of motivation. I needed to hear it today.

18 07 2017
Roland Yeomans

My real blog is but I am so happy you liked this little trial post! 🙂

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